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    How To Hire Dedicated Resources? – A Guide To Hire The Best Team

    It is noted that startup businesses worldwide are keen to develop a digital product for their business. When they do so, in the fervent searching process, they end up handing their projects in the wrong hands, believing the wrong promises and eventually the project and investment will face a failure at the end. In order to avoid bad experiences, it is important for a business owner to make a wise choice when hiring a dedicated team for your in house needs or when you look to hire dedicated resources to develop your own digital product or application.

    A business owner should know whom to pick though they have N number of choices on the internet. Choosing a technical partner or hiring a right dedicated team must be done through a deep research. The startup owners must check some of the important aspects before signing a project to an offshore or onshore team to be successful.

    Here are the aspects to know before hiring dedicated resources.

    How to hire an app developer?

    There are three key factors that matter when you choose to launch a startup project or product for your business.

    • Cost.
    • Timing.
    • Product itself

    Without a clear research your small mistake by hiring a team with a lack of technical knowledge may spoil the entire broth and you will end up with a failed project. A wrong team will be unable to assess risk and will take you towards a dead end wasting money and time investment. So, it is important to have a proper introduction to the team and let them explain the complete execution plan and let them explain the features and functionality that matter in the product. Avoid if they discuss exceptional features and extraordinary functionality and quote a higher price.

    A wrong team will always try to sell a feature rich, complex product they will take a lot of money and time to build. A good developer or dedicated development team is not afraid to say no to some features that you would require extra. They will always concentrate on building your product sooner and easier for you to launch your product quickly.

    There are many factors when a digital project fails,

    • Poor execution
    • Usability or quality issues
    • Not enough technical knowledge and ability to solve problem
    • Not enough budgets to sustain project

    Your resources have a direct impact on every one of these reasons so hiring a good development company is important.

    How can one rightly hire a dedicated development company?

    A few areas of competence to look at,

    • Methodology:
      A right approach to product development can save money and time and will help you to develop a product that can actually succeed in the market. Look for Agile because it can help you develop a successful project. Hire dedicated resources that follow Agile will help you succeed as they ask you to get rid of some features so that they can get your product built faster and you can take the product to the market sooner. So, look for companies that follow Agile and Lean approaches.
    • Design process:
      This is very important as it helps you communicate with the customers through the features. Designs are important and critical at the same time. A good team will be able to explain the product design process clearly and can plan it well. But, some might not have a design process and they outsource or just design apps themselves without proper process or design without professional help. Stay away from this team; they cannot help you to succeed. UI/UX is an important part of your product; if this is not done right, you are setting your app for failure.
    • The development process:
      To build a successful product, repeatedly, you need an established process. Look what process your developer follows to make the product succeed. The two predominant software development methodologies today any full stack web and mobile app development company follows are Waterfall and Agile. With waterfall, each phase of the product life cycle takes place in sequence so that the process flows downwards steadily. Agile takes an iterative approach towards software development instead of handling all the plan upfront, agile focuses on being lean and producing minimum viable MVP, over periods of time for improving iterations. They of course have pros and cons, but Agile and Waterfall have more benefits than failures. However, if the developer you are planning to engage does not have a clear process when it comes to development, avoid them.
    • Team:
      A great team is important. A good company will offer an experienced team with all the key members. Having a company that only provides you with resources means you have to hire external designers and so on, these teams being new to each other, will have to find consensus on a daily basis. This will drag the project deadline and may take your project towards failure. A solid team is like a well oiled machine with everything in place and working together seamlessly at the very least.Look for these key members in the team. Your developer is providing designers, back-end developers, front-end developers, and project managers. We have cost and location, hire onshore developers or hire offshore developers, where your developer is based affects not only the process but also the service you will get.
    • Cost:
      It is one of the top deciding factors that most clients or entrepreneurs care about the most. Sometimes even more than the quality itself, and there you are in trouble. Even though the cost is important, quality is more important. For you, reduced cost may be important, but it should not affect the quality of the project they deliver. Do not forget that a broken app is expensive, even if it costs less, while a working app drives business value and grows a company could be worth millions of money.
    • Credentials:
      A big track record plays a big role and a big name isn’t all that matters. Diving deeper into your diligence is paramount to making the right choice. Find out who you work with and ask for testimonials and reviews. Get contact details and reach out to those whose projects were most similar to yours and ask for references and don’t just look at the portfolios. Have a look at the apps that they have built and check if it is of good quality that you are expecting.

    Take Away

    Now, over to you, since you have read so far, you are most probably a person planning to find the best App Development Team or looking to hire dedicated web and mobile app developers that could help you build a product for the success of your business. Avoid wrong resources with the Guide and flourish your digital product worldwide.

    Have a wonderful business ahead!

    Source: Zignuts Technolab